From New Orleans, Louisiana, to Pensacola, Florida, we assist Gulf Coast businesses affected by hurricanes or other major storms.

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Find our volunteers to receive your FREE post disaster business resource guide. Information in the Hurricane Guide includes:

Financial resources for businesses after a hurricane
Marketing your business after a disaster and looking credible with and without internet
Organizations helping local businesses rebuild and repair after the storm

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Our Why

As Gulf Coast natives and business owners, we have been through our share of storms and remember what it's like to get things rolling personally and professionally after a hurricane. With these hurdles and things in mind, we started the Small Business D.R.S. to help businesses get back to business. We believe rebuilding small businesses is rebuilding a community.

We help 2 types of businesses:

1.) Local business owners who are trying to repair and plan after a disaster

2.) Credible, reliable, out-of-town contractors coming in town to help rebuild and repair after a storm

Free services offered by Small Business D.R.S to qualified businesses include:

Consulting with businesses after a disaster to see what resources they need the most
Delivering a comprehensive resource guide for businesses after a disaster
Establishing connections with resources, key personnel and organizations
Setting up a local phone number and Google listing for credible out-of-town contractors showing up to help rebuild
Marketing for companies looking for labor and employees
Providing supplies such as tarps, gas cans and gas
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Small Business Disaster Recovery Specialists

After a hurricane or natural disaster, a business must go on. Do you know whom to call to get a loan or who is giving away free tarps for businesses? What about finding employees in a post-disaster world? The Small Business Disaster Recovery Specialists team is here to help. We have the resources and experience to help your business find the organizations and people it needs to get things back to normal. All of our services are absolutely free. Some of the people and organizations we refer you to may charge fees for their services, but we will make sure we connect you with the right resources for your needs. We are volunteers helping small businesses navigate the path to a healthy recovery after disasters interrupt business operations.
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